Our Set Meal Recommendations for 2020

You have the opportunity to compose out of our proposals
one menu for all
(per person for each course the same meal)
with exception, of course, for vegetarians.

At least three courses must be chosen.

• Our recommended aperitif •

1 glass „Otti Spezial“8,00 €

We will gladly recommend the right wine selection after the menu has been selected.

• Our classic menu •

Cream of pumpkin soup5
with pumkinseed oil
Wiener Schnitzel 1,2,8
breaded escalope of organic veal
with potato and lamb's lettuce-salad
Original Austrian apple strudel1,2,5,6
with whipped cream

Three courses     35,00 €

• Soups •

Clear soup of beef1,2,5,79,50 €
with sliced pancakes
Parsnip soup59,00 €
with fried mushrooms
Cream of pumpkin soup 58,50 €
with pumpkinseed-oil

• Starters •

Mixed salads 1,5,6,89,80 €
with pumpkinseed oil dressing
Demeter goat cheese
rolled in spice-crumble
1,2,5,6,813,50 €
Demeter goat cheese with pine nuts gratinated brioche,
grilled mushrooms and smoked pepper crème
Pâté of deer 1,2,5,6,714,50 €
with apple celery salad and cold-stirred cranberries
Carpaccio of filet of buffalo and veal5,6,1017,90 €
with mushrooms, rocked salad and
fresh rasped „Grana“-cheese
Sorbet of the day106,00 €
with sparkling wine

• Main-courses •

Crispy fried cabbage roulade1,2,5,6,7,8,1020,50 €
stuffed with vegetables on pepper crème and seasonal salad
Fresh seasonal mushrooms1,2,5,1023,50 €
with cream sauce and home made bread dumpling or home made noodles
Stuffed roasted deer1,2,524,00 €
with root vegetables, bread dumpling,
seasonal vegetables and lingonberries
Tafelspitz1,2,5,724,90 €
traditional boiled organic beef with small fried potatoes, creamed spinach, apple-horseradish-sauce and chives-sauce
Wiener Schnitzel 1,2,824,50 €
breaded escalope of organic veal
with potato and lamb's lettuce-salad
Crunchy fried filet of char1,2,3,5,8,1023,90 €
with beet-root cream, cheese bread dumplings
and mixed salads
Fresh filet of pike perch1,3,5,6,7,8,1032,50 €
from the Müritz lake with lobster-sauce,
fresh spinach and “Ottenthaler” saffron risotto

• Desserts •

Homemade Viennese apple strudel 1,2,5,67,00 €
with whipped cream
Ottenthaler Sachertorte1,2,5,107,00 €
with whipped cream
Ottenthaler “Powidltascherl” 1,2,5,611,50 €
a kind of sweet empanadas stuffed with plum butter
and rolled in roasted breadcrumbs with nuts

Ottenthaler apricot dumplings1,2,5,613,50 €
with butter-nut-crumbs and two different fruit purees
Parfait of pralines 2,5,6,1011,50 €
with raspberry mousse and sabayon of nut liqueur
Kaiserschmarrn 1,2,5,1014,90 €
raisin pancake in small pieces with stewed plums

Enjoy choosing your menu!

We might make seasonal changes, but will always discuss them with you!

We are always happy to suggest vegetarian and vegan options from the menu of the day in the evening.


The world’s cutest bottle of bubbly, as a gift:

€ 5,00 per bottle.

1 gluten, 2 egg, 3 fish, 4 shellfish, 5 milk, 6 nuts, 7 celery, 8 mustard, 9 sesame, 10 sulfite, 11 soya

Reservations: +49 30 3133162