Dinner menu for

March 2020

All our dishes are freshly cooked, braised and baked using predominantly regional and when possible organic produce!




• Starters •

Small mixed-salad1,5,6,8,109,80 €
you can select between pumpkinseed-oil,
mustard dressing or Italian dressing
Big mixed-salad,1,5,6,8,1014,50 €
you can select between pumpkinseed-oil,
mustard dressing or Italian dressing
Demeter goat cheese 1,2,5,6,813,50 €
with pine nuts gratinated brioche,
grilled mushrooms and smoked pepper crème
Original Ottenthal farmers smoked ham 814,50 €
with gherkins pickled with mustard seeds and fresh horseradish
Carpaccio of filet of buffalo and veal5,6,1017,90 €
with mushrooms, rocked salad and
fresh rasped „Grana“-cheese
Pâté of deer 1,2,5,6,714,50 €
with apple celery salad and cold-stirred cranberries

• Soups •

Clear soup of beef 18,50 €
with goose liver dumpling
Cream of pumpkin soup 58,50 €
with pumpkinseed-oil

• Main dishes •

Wiener Schnitzel 1,2,824,50 €
breaded escalope of organic veal
with potato and lamb's lettuce-salad
Tafelspitz1,2,5,724,90 €
traditional boiled organic beef with small fried potatoes, creamed spinach, apple-horseradish-sauce and chives-sauce
Grilled rump steak1,5,726,90 €
from well aged beef, Germany,
with onion-sauce, green-beans, fried potatoes and fried onions
Debreziner Gulyas1,2,5,723,00 €
organic German beef with bread dumpling
Kässpätzle1,2,519,00 €
small dumplings with original mountain cheese from a private alpine dairy of the Bregenzer Wald, deep-fried onions and salad of cucumbers
Medallions of vension1,2,5,7,8,1033,00 €
with fresh seasonal mushrooms, pumpkin and fennel white poppy seed and spruce sprouts syrup bread dumplings
Cordon bleu of organic German veal 1,2,531,00 €
(stuffed with Vorarlberger mountain dairy cheese and exquisite rosemary ham) salad with Italian Dressing and parsley potatoes

• Desserts •

Austria is well-known for very good predicate wines, which fit wonderfully to  desserts. Our staff will be pleased to advice you.


Kaiserschmarrn 1,2,5,1012,90 €
raisin pancake in small pieces with stewed plums
Kaiserschmarrn 1,2,5,1023,50 €
with 2 glasses of dessert wine
Ottenthaler “Powidltascherl”1,2,5,611,50 €
a kind of sweet empanadas stuffed with plum butter and rolled in roasted breadcrumbs with nuts
Parfait of white chocolate1,2,5,6,1014,50 €
with Zotter chocolate soufflé and sabayon of cacoa liqueur
Ottenthaler „Baumkuchen“ 1,2,5,6,10,119,50 €
with whipped cream
Viennese Apple strudel 1,2,5,67,00 €
our darling! with whipped cream. with one scoop of vanilla ice cream 9,00 €
Ottenthaler Sachertorte 1,2,5,107,00 €
with whipped cream.
Ottenthaler Sachertorte 1,2,5,1014,50 €
with 2 cl
"Somlauer Nockerl"1,2,510,50 €
(kind of Austrian Tiramisu), with vanilla- and chocolate sauce,
rose water marinated fruits

Dear guests, please bear in mind that all our dishes are prepared fresh and that it may take some time. Thank you for your patience!
We do not add additives, such as glutamate, to our dishes..



1 gluten, 2 egg, 3 fish, 4 shellfish, 5 milk, 6 nuts, 7 celery, 8 mustard, 9 sesame, 10 sulfite, 11 soya

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