Our menu suggestions for the Winter 2018/2019

You can choose a set menu for all diners from our suggestions (the same dish for everyone for each course). You must select at least three courses.


Further information can be found under terms and conditions for group reservations and the cost absorption declaration. Please click here.

• Our aperitif •

We will gladly recommend the right wine selection after the menu has been selected.

1 glass „Otti Spezial “8,00 €
our recommended Aperitif

• Starters •

Mixed salads 1,5,6,89,80 €
with pumpkinseed oil dressing
With lobster and date filled puff pastry1,3,4,5,614,00 €
with fluffy mousse of smoked trout
Baked Demeter goat’s cheese1,2,512,00 €
with elderberry ragout and autumn leaf salad
Pâté of pheasant 1,2,5,712,00 €
with sweet-sour parsnip and rose hip cream
Fried roll of char and celery1,2,3,5,714,00 €
with ragout of cranberry and black salsify

• Soups •

Clear soup of beef 18,50 €
with sliced pancake
Cream of pumpkin soup 58,50 €
with pumpkinseed-oil
Waldviertler potato soup with cépes5,79,00 €
Our "soup with sense"! As part of the Berliner Tafel e.V. winter relief campaign, we donate 1 euro per soup.

• Inbetweeners •

Rolled fillet of pike-perch2,3,5,716,00 €
with sweetheart cabbage and plum chilli frooth
Medallion of deer1,717,50 €
with hibernal vegetables and cowberry reduction
Roasted slices of veal1,2,5,616,00 €
with autumnal salad, walnut pear cream and coco-mango-gnocchi
Fresh mushrooms1,2,527,50 €
in cream sauce with homemade bread dumpling or noodles
Sorbet of oranges and Aperol106,00 €
with sparkling wine

• Main dishes •

Classical roulade of organic beef1,5,7,8,1022,50 €
with potato purée and brokkoli and onion marmelade
Crispy roasted breast of the Barbarie duck 1,2,5,7,8,1026,50 €
with glazed cabbage
and orange-bread dumpling
Tafelspitz1,2,5,724,90 €
traditional boiled organic beef with small fried potatoes, creamed spinach, apple-horseradish-sauce and chives-sauce
Wiener Schnitzel 1,2,824,50 €
breaded escalope of organic veal
with potato and lamb's lettuce-salad
Braised cheeks of beef 1,2,5,6,7,8,1033,50 €
from Highland beef of the region Brandenburg
With pumpkin rhubarb vegetables and potatoes Kaiserschmarren

• Desserts •

Viennese apple strudel 1,2,5,66,00 €
homemade, with whipped cream
“Marillen-Palatschinken” 1,2,58,00 €
(crepes stuffed with homemade apricot jam)
"Maria Theresien Parfait"2,5,6,109,00 €
with froth of toffee and orange liqueur
Ottenthaler plum dumplings 1,2,5,69,00 €
rolled in roasted breadcrumbs with nuts
on two different fruit purees
Kaiserschmarrn 1,2,5,1028,50 €
with 2 glasses of dessert wine (á 3cl)
"Somlauer Nockerl"1,2,510,50 €
(kind of Austrian Tiramisu), with vanilla- and chocolate sauce,
rose water marinated fruits

• From November 11th•

Portion of goose1,2,6,734,50 €
from the surrounding of Brandenburg, with red cabbage, potato-dumplings (from the 11th of November 2018) and baked marzipan-apple

Enjoy choosing your menu!
We might make seasonal changes, but will always discuss them with you!
We are always happy to suggest vegetarian and vegan options from the menu of the day in the evening.


1 gluten, 2 egg, 3 fish, 4 shellfish, 5 milk, 6 nuts, 7 celery, 8 mustard, 9 sesame, 10 sulfite, 11 soya

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